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Jan 23

Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade

Based on 20 years of research, including an examination of the papers of eight of the nine Justices who voted in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, Abuse of Discretion is a critical review of the behind-the-scenes deliberations that went into the Supreme Court’s abortion decisions and how the mistakes made by the Justices in 1971-1973 have led to the turmoil we see today in legislation, politics, and public health. 

Why do the abortion decisions remain so controversial after almost 40 years, despite more than 50,000,000 abortions, numerous presidential elections, and a complete turnover in the Justices? Why did such a sweeping decision – with such important consequences for public health, producing such prolonged political turmoil – come from the Supreme Court in 1973? 

Clarke D. Forsythe is Senior Counsel at Americans United for Life, having been an attorney with Americans United for Life for nearly 28 years. He earned a B.A. from Allegheny College, a J.D. from Valparaiso University, and an M.A. in Bioethics from Trinity International University. Clarke has been co-counsel for parties in three U.S. Supreme Court cases, has argued cases before federal and state appellate courts and has testified before Congress and state legislatures. He has published more than a dozen professional legal articles on constitutional and bioethical issues.

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