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Dec 09

Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All

Why would a successful, twelve-year Secret Service agent resign his position in the prime of his career to run for political office against all the odds? Why is it that the Washington DC "Bubble" – a haze of lobbyists, cronies, staff, acolytes, consultants and bureaucrats surrounding those in power – creates a "bubble" that distorts their view of the world and detaches them from the tragic results of poor policy choices? 

In Life Inside the Bubble, Dan Bongino reflects upon his journey from the tough streets of New York City where he was raised, and later patrolled as a member of the NYPD, to the White House as a member of the elite Presidential Protective Division, through his ultimate decision to resign from the Secret Service in the prime of his career to run for the United States Senate. He provides a rare look inside “the Bubble" of our Nation’s Capital and assesses why a government – filled with some of the incredibly dedicated people he encountered while within it – continues to make tragic mistakes.

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