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Nov 19

Insecurity in Honduras and the Upcoming Elections: What’s at Stake for Central America

In the following year, Latin America will see over 12 elections that will determine the ideological landscape of the region. At the center of these changing dynamics is the Central American country of Honduras. The country carries the distinction of being home to the highest global murder rates, diminishing rates of economic freedom and is increasingly becoming the top transient point for South American drug traffickers. The outcome of the November 24th Honduran elections will determine the future of the country and by various accounts, Central America at large. 

Join us as our guests discuss the problems facing Honduras and provide recommendations for U.S. policymakers.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Roger Noriega
Visiting Fellow, American Enterprise Institute, and former Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

Eric Olson
Associate Director of the Latin America Program, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 

Joseph Humire
Executive Director, Center for a Secure Free Society Hosted by

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Ana Quintana Ana Quintana

Policy Analyst, Latin America and the Western Hemisphere Read More