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Oct 30

Does the Treaty Power Threaten Our System of Limited Government?

Americans are taught from a young age that our government is a government of limited powers. Congress cannot simply pass any law that it wishes: the Constitution prescribes limits on its lawmaking ability. Or does it? The upcoming case of United States v. Bond, set for oral argument before the Supreme Court during its October term, presents the first Supreme Court case involving the scope of the Treaty Power in 93 years. If the Court decides that the Treaty Power can increase the legislative powers of Congress, the authority of the Federal government will be essentially limitless. The Honorable Ted Cruz, United States Senator and former Texas Solicitor General with experience defending his state’s sovereign rights before the High Court, will discuss the constitutional role of the Senate and states with Professor Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz, one of the foremost legal authorities on the scope of the Treaty Power.

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Featuring Keynote Remarks by
The Honorable Ted Cruz (R-TX)
United States Senator 

Followed by a Panel Discussion with
Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz
Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Steven Groves
Senior Research Fellow, The Heritage Foundation 

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Andrew Kloster Andrew Kloster

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