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Oct 16

Smoking Them Out: The Theft of the Environment and How to Take It Back

While many books assess the history of the environmental movement and offer perspectives of what has gone rightor wrong since its inception around 1970, there is no doubt that the issue has become less about science and practical conservation as it has become more highly polarized and politicized. Property rights, the Endangered Species Act, forest management, energy, natural resource development production and other critical issues have been reduced to political footballs, while responsible efforts stall and Americans grieve dying forests and record gasoline prices.

In Smoking Them Out, Greg Walcher, President of the Natural Resources Group and an American leader in natural resource policy, offers a fresh approach. A mountain of entangling regulations have inflicted unintended consequences upon “stewards of the land” – farmers, ranchers, and landowners. Walcher presents a way out of this wilderness. He argues the solution to many of our environmental problems is simple, measurable, and sustainable both economically and from a conservation standpoint.

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