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Oct 01

Pain and Promise for Women in the Middle East and North Africa

Co-hosted by SAT-7

In the wake of the Arab Spring, disappointment and frustrated expectations prevail. Democracy and its promise of new freedoms and economic reform have not materialized. New fault lines have developed between Sunni and Shia Muslims, Salafists and Secularists, moderates and extremists ... and the rights of Arab women, children (half the number of current Syrian refugees), ethnic and religious minorities continue to be neglected in the new and often violent struggles for influence. 

What HOPE is there for the 17 million Christians of the region? Or for the 160 million women of the Arab World? Will Egypt become another Algeria? Is there any HOPE for the people of Syria – with 100,000 now dead, 4.5 million internally displaced, and more than 2 million now living as refugees? What HOPE is there for democracy to prevail in such environments? These and other such questions will be explored at this briefing. 

Based in Cyprus, SAT-7 is a network of four different satellite television channels broadcasting in Arabic, Farsi, and Turkish throughout the Middle East and North Africa. The network believes quality, relevant Christian programming, broadcast directly into homes, is making a significant impact, helping improve the lives, standing, and wellbeing of women and children, and bringing HOPE to all across the region – together with a new understanding of the basis of real democracy.

More About the Speakers

Dr. Terence Ascott
Founder and CEO SAT-7 

Rita Elmounayer
Executive Director SAT-7 Arabic channels 

Samia Kessai
Producer/Director, North Africa

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Becky Norton Dunlop Becky Norton Dunlop

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