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Oct 21

A Conversation with a Reformer How the States Are Leading the Way

Several state governments are spearheading reforms and addressing public policy challenges in both innovative and practical ways. These efforts can offer hope to a national government that appears to have lost its way. Join us as The Heritage Foundation hosts a conversation with Governor Pat McCrory to learn more about his reforms designed to improve North Carolina’s financial well-being, achieve real educational opportunity, advance the growth of jobs, and assure a secure future for his fellow citizens. 

Pat McCrory is the 74th Governor of North Carolina. From 1995 to 2009, he served a record 14 years as the 53rd Mayor of Charlotte. He had been a city councilman from 1989 to 1995. His private sector experience includes 29 years service with Duke Energy, a partner in the sales consulting firm of McCrory & Company, and Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Charlotte-based law firm of Moore & Van Allen PLLC.

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The Honorable Pat McCrory (R-NC)
Governor of the State of North Carolina

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