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Oct 25

Austerity, Spending, and Growth: A Symposium

Are brutal spending cuts crushing Europe? Or is it tax increases and major spending that led to the recent fiscal crisis? Get the facts on Europe’s recent history … and why it matters for the United States as policymakers face mediocre growth. 

Join us as leading scholars address these important questions at The Heritage Foundation, including the release of a pioneering online dataset and a new Special Report.

More About the Speakers

Alberto Alesina, Ph.D.
Nathaniel Ropes Professor of Political Economy, Harvard University 

Daniel Leigh, Ph.D.
Senior Economist, Research Department, International Monetary Fund 

Kevin Hassett, Ph.D.
John G. Searle Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute 

Veronique de Rugy, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center, George Mason University

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Salim Furth, Ph.D. Salim Furth, Ph.D.

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