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Sep 23

The Food Police: From Menu Labeling to Soda Bans

Politicians on both the federal and state levels are pushing new policies calling for government intervention in the dietary choices of Americans. These new policies range from Obamacare’s menu labeling mandate to New York City’s soda ban. There is an underlying assumption that the government knows the best dietary choices for the public and Americans are making the “wrong” choices. Even when research and experience show that mandatory labeling does not work, this failure only helps the food police justify even greater governmental intervention. Join us as we examine these issues and identify recommendations that would take us off this dangerous road towards government control of one of the most basic functions of our lives: what we eat.

More About the Speakers

Baylen Linnekin 
Executive Director, Keep Food Legal 

Nita Ghei, Ph.D 
Policy Research Editor, Mercatus Center

Walter Olson 
Senior Fellow, Center for Constitutional Studies, Cato Institute 

J. Justin Wilson 
Senior Research Analyst, Center for Consumer Freedom

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Daren Bakst Daren Bakst

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