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Jul 18

Competitive Federalism in Action: A Review of <em>Rich States, Poor States</em>

One of the great virtues of federalism is the considerable latitude it grants the states to craft their own economic policies. Given the diversity of the states, the results inevitably vary greatly. North Dakota is booming; Michigan, not so much.  

Rich States, Poor States is an annual economic competiveness study that ranks all 50 states based on their economic performance and outlook. Two of the authors, Stephen Moore of the Wall Street Journal and Jonathan Williams of the American Legislative Exchange Council, will identify the states that experience prosperity and those that continue to struggle, while discussing which policies work and which policies ought to be avoided.

More About the Speakers

Stephen Moore
Editorial Board Member and Senior Economics Writer, The Wall Street Journal 

Jonathan Williams
Director, Tax and Fiscal Policy Task Force, American Legislative Exchange Council

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Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.

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