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May 09

The Ongoing Budgetary Impasse and Its Impact on National Defense

~ A Protect America Month Program ~

President Obama recently sent Congress his Fiscal Year 2014 Budget – two months late and after the House and Senate had already completed their own budget resolutions. Considering the differences between the Senate and House resolutions, however, the chances of hammering out a compromise seem remote.

To make matters worse, the President’s budget appears designed to perpetuate Congressional gridlock and sequestration. While calling for massive tax hikes, the budget lacks serious domestic spending restraint and meaningful entitlement reform. This all but ensures that sequestration will continue, resulting in the underfunding of defense. What can be done about the ongoing budget impasse? How will defense sequester cuts impact military readiness?

Please join our experts as they discuss these and other critical questions on the defense budget.

More About the Speakers

Robert Zarate
Policy Director, The Foreign Policy Initiative

Todd Harrison
Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments

The Honorable Jim Talent
Distinguished Fellow, The Heritage Foundation, and Former Member, United States Senate

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Patrick Louis Knudsen Patrick Louis Knudsen

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