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May 14

Prudent Compromise or Fatal Concession? Understanding the Risks of Changing Boy Scouts of America's Membership Policies

Delegates to Boy Scouts of America's National Council head to Texas later this month for the National Annual Meeting where they will vote on a proposed change to BSA membership standards. Many in Scouting, and many friends of Scouting throughout America, are raising serious concerns about the immediate and long-term effects that change would have on the future of Scouting, its programs and its core mission.

Join us for a discussion of the proposed change in Scouting membership policies, why it has many deeply concerned, and why this change is not in the best interests of Scouting or its higher purposes of teaching, mentoring and building the character of America’s youth.

More About the Speakers

Edward Whelan
President, Ethics and Public Policy Center

Cathy Ruse
Senior Legal Fellow, Family Research Council

John Stemberger
Attorney, former Scoutmaster, and Founder, OnMyHonor.Net

Hosted By

Matthew Spalding, Ph.D. Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.

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