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Apr 29

Bridging the Religious and Secular Divide

Political liberty and religious freedom were driving forces behind the settlement of the “New World” and led to the founding of an exceptional nation. Throughout our American story, the role of religious principle and faith juxtaposed to the political realm of compromise and expediency has proved to be a matter for ongoing and often heated debate. It is possible, however, to bridge the divide between these secular and religious worlds – and, quite arguably, for the betterment of both. Join us as Chaplain Barry Black provides a 21st Century perspective on these fundamental precepts so deeply embedded in who we are as a nation.

Barry C. Black is the 62nd Chaplain of the United States Senate. Commissioned in 1976 as a chaplain in the U.S. Navy, Rear Admiral Black retired after a nearly thirty-year military career, serving as Navy Chief of Chaplains in his last position. He has earned doctorates in both philosophy and ministry. His biography, From the Hood to the Hill (2006), recounts his story of overcoming unpromising beginnings in the ghettos of Baltimore. His more recent book, The Blessing of Adversity: Finding Your God-given Purpose in Life’s Troubles (2011), distills the wisdom he has gained from thirty years as a counselor, theologian and psychologist for addressing the many trials of life.

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Dr. Barry C. Black
Chaplain of the United States Senate

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