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Apr 29

Placing the U.S. on the Path Towards Meaningful and Effective Border Security

Border security is an important component of U.S. homeland security. Because of ever-changing border threats, however, establishing practicable procedures to protect and control the more than 2,000 mile southwest border often proves difficult. Nevertheless, the U.S. can and must take steps to enhance its border security efforts. Amidst the mounting rhetoric of the need to “secure the border,” the U.S. must be sure to address this problem sensibly and on its own path. Through cooperation between state and local law enforcement and federal capabilities, as well as partnerships with Mexico on border issues including transnational organized crime, the U.S. can achieve effective border solutions.

Join us to hear a panel of foreign policy and homeland security experts discuss the strategies and procedures the United States should implement to ensure meaningful border security efforts.

For more information, read the paper U.S.–Mexico Border: Tighter Border Security Requires Mexico’s Cooperation

More About the Speakers

Edward Alden
Bernard L. Schwartz Senior Fellow, Council on Foreign Relations

Christopher Wilson
Associate, Mexico Institute at the Wilson Center

Matt Mayer
Visiting Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

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Jessica Zuckerman Jessica Zuckerman

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