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Mar 19

Silent Conquest: The End of Freedom of Expression in the West

A Screening and Panel Discussion

The new documentary Silent Conquest explores the internationalization of anti-blasphemy laws as a key component of the agenda of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. The film exposes how the OIC has campaigned through the years at the United Nations and elsewhere to treat any criticism of Islam or its Prophet as a criminal act.

The OIC’s agenda has been highly successful not only in the organization’s member nations where the law is used to persecute religious minorities, but also in Europe, Canada, and throughout the United Nations system. Is America next? What is the Obama Administration doing in response to these actions?

Please join our distinguished panelists, who will address these issues, and explain why the success of the OIC’s agenda could spell “the end of freedom of expression in the West.” nel Discussion

More About the Speakers

Lars Hedegaard
Chairman, Danish Free Press Society

Frank Gaffney
Founder and President, Center for Security Policy

Deborah Weiss
Author and advocate, Vigilance

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Steven Groves Steven Groves

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