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Mar 11

Part Time America? – Impact of Obamacare

As unemployment remains stubbornly high, Obamacare continues to discourage hiring and salary increases. In less than a year, businesses and individuals will face mandates to purchase or provide federally-approved health insurance. Many employers are already preparing for this roll-out by reducing the number of their employees, restricting employees’ work-hours, or simply dropping health insurance completely.

Mike Ruffer shares what it’s like to sift through the confusing law and regulations while trying to determine its cost and impact on his 160 full and part-time employees. Heritage’s Drew Gonshorowski discusses the impact of Obamacare on individuals’ ability to find jobs. Bob Graboyes of the NFIB Research Foundation explains the impact of the law on small businesses and their ability to hire and grow.

More About the Speakers

Mike Ruffer
Owner and Franchisee of Eight “Five Guys” Restaurants, North Carolina

Drew Gonshorowski
Policy Analyst, Center for Data Analysis, The Heritage Foundation

Dr. Robert Graboyes
Senior Fellow, National Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation

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Rea S. Hederman, Jr. Rea S. Hederman, Jr.

Director, Center for Data Analysis and Lazof Family Fellow Read More