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Mar 07

The United States, Great Britain and the Future of the Falkland Islands

In order to assert their fundamental right to choose their own form of government, the Falkland Islanders will hold a referendum on March 10-11, 2013 to decide if they wish to maintain their allegiance to Great Britain. The British have administered the Falkland Islands peacefully and continuously since 1833 with the exception of the two months in 1982, when the Islands were invaded and illegally occupied by Argentine forces. Incredibly, not only has the Obama Administration backed Argentina’s calls for a UN negotiated settlement over the Islands, it has also refused to say that it will recognize the outcome of the referendum. This policy is a slap in the face for Great Britain and the Falkland Islanders. Join us as three experts discuss what the U.S. policy means for Anglo-American relations and the future of the Falkland Islanders.

More About the Speakers

José R. Cárdenas
Former Senior Official for Latin American Issues with the U.S. Department of State, the National Security Council, and the U.S. Agency for International Development, George W. Bush Administration

Luke Coffey
Margaret Thatcher Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Nile Gardiner
Director, Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom, The Heritage Foundation

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Steven Groves Steven Groves

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