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Feb 19

Good Business Demands Good Governance

~ 2013 Index of Economic Freedom ~

According to the recently released 2013 Index of Economic Freedom (www.heritage.org/index), the United States remains only a "Mostly Free" economy. America’s economic freedom is at its lowest level since 2000. Scores for the United States have declined for six years in a row. Vibrant entrepreneurial growth has been stymied by ever more intrusive government. And, a disturbing trend toward cronyism is eroding the rule of law.

Included in the 2013 Index of Economic Freedom are special chapters focusing on the importance for ensuring economic dynamism and prosperity by maintaining and advancing the rule of law. These studies confirm that countries with stable, predictable, and transparent institutions enjoy greater investor confidence and stronger job growth.

Reflecting the core principles laid out by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Coalition for the Rule of Law in Global Markets, Myron Brilliant, the Chamber's Senior Vice President for International Affairs, argues - in his 2013 Index chapter, "Good Business Demands Good Governance" - that sustainable business success is impossible without the rule of law, which provides market predictability and due process. Join us as he examines the critical importance of the rule of law in making business and investment decisions.

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Myron Brilliant
Senior Vice President for International Affairs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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Ambassador Terry Miller Ambassador Terry Miller

Director, Center for Data Analysis and the Center for Trade and Economics and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom Read More