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Feb 05

A Nation Forsaken - EMP: The Escalating Threat of an American Catastrophe

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Scientists and other experts have warned for years that the Nation's electrical grid system and other critical infrastructures that have an almost complete dependency on electricity and electronic components are highly vulnerable to an electromagnetic pulse event - either from natural or man-made causes. Yet, policymakers continue to delay taking preventative action against what could be the biggest threat to U.S. national and economic security in our lifetime. In A Nation Forsaken, Michael Maloof breaks down that threat.

A few years ago, a congressional commission went into considerable depth on the consequences to our electricity-dependent infrastructures - not only to the power grid itself, but also to telecommunications, the banking and finance system, the transportation system that delivers our food and water and the fuel needed for our homes as well as the military systems that maintain our national security. Congress, however, has basically ignored its own commission report, wasting valuable time in confronting this critical threat.

Maloof argues that, while an electromagnetic pulse event on our civilian infrastructure could be serious, it can be managed if government at the federal, state and local levels gives appropriate priority to the preventative action that is possible to lessen the impact of an EMP event as well as to recover from it.

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