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Feb 20


A book event

Calvin Coolidge is the most underrated president in American history. Though remembered as "Silent Cal" Coolidge is one of the most eloquent voices defending the principles of the American Founding against progressive onslaught.

Amity Shlaes, author of the national bestseller The Forgotten Man, provides a provocative reexamination of Calvin Coolidge and the decade of unparalleled growth that the nation enjoyed under his leadership. Coolidge restored national trust in Washington and achieved what few other peacetime presidents have - he left office with a federal budget smaller than the one he inherited. A man of calm discipline, he lived by example, renting half of a two-family house for his entire political career rather than compromise his political work by taking on debt. Renowned as a throwback, Coolidge was in fact strikingly modern – an advocate of women's suffrage and a radio pioneer. At once a revision of man and economics, Coolidge gestures to the country we once were and reminds us of qualities we had forgotten and can use today.

Amity Shlaes directs the Economic Growth Project at the George W. Bush Institute and is a syndicated columnist at Bloomberg News. Her economic history of the Great Depression, The Forgotten Man, was a national bestseller. She serves as chairman of the jury of the Manhattan Institute's Hayek Prize and is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Calvin Coolidge Memorial Foundation. Over the years she has won the Hayek Prize and the Bastiat Prize and has served as the JP Morgan Fellow at the American Academy in Berlin. Shlaes is a former Heritage Fellow, having received a grant in 1998 in support of an earlier national bestseller, The Greedy Hand.

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