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Jan 28

Choosing to Succeed: A Conversation about Educational Opportunity

Policymakers across the political spectrum agree that America's education system needs dramatic reform and that a system designed to serve the interests of adults before the needs of children is largely to blame for lackluster educational outcomes, academic stagnation, and subpar graduation rates. Former Congressman Artur Davis, who has followed education policy from both sides of the aisle, has concluded that "upward mobility matters" and that "reforming our schools requires radical effort." To achieve those goals, Davis stresses that choice must be an option for families across the country so that children have access to quality schools that meet their unique learning needs.

Join Heritage during National School Choice Week for a conversation with Artur Davis, who will discuss the problems with the existing education monopoly and the critical need for school choice to improve educational opportunity for millions of American children.

More About the Speakers

The Honorable Artur Davis
Former Fellow, Institute of Politics, Harvard University, and former U.S. Representative, 7th District of Alabama

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Lindsey Burke Lindsey Burke

Will Skillman Fellow in Education Read More