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Oct 11

Model, Resource or Outlier? Does it Matter? - What Effect Has the U.S. Constitution Had on the Recently-Adopted Constitutions of Other Nations?

The United States Constitution, the world’s oldest written design of government, was a novel political development in the 18th Century. No nation previously had adopted a written instrument to create and limit its national government. But it has been more than 200 years since our Constitution (and the Bill of Rights) came into being. Numerous other nations have adopted their own written organic political instruments since then. Have those nations looked to the U.S. Constitution as a model or a resource for their own constitutions, or has the U.S. Constitution become an outlier in the world? If the latter, what does that say about the structure and substance of our Constitution and how it is considered in the international community?

More About the Speakers

Keynote Address by
The Honorable Dr. István Stumpf
Justice, Supreme Constitutional Court, Hungary

Followed by a Panel Discussion
Jeremy Rabkin
Professor, George Mason University School of Law

Ron Rotunda
Doy and Dee Henley Chair and Distinguished Professor of Jurisprudence, Chapman University School of Law

Mila Versteeg
Associate Professor, University of Virginia School of Law

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Edwin Meese III Edwin Meese III

Ronald Reagan Distinguished Fellow Emeritus Read More