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Oct 04

Imports, Jobs, and the Economy

At a time of high unemployment and political strife, trade is under fire. Imports in particular are criticized as harming the economy and, especially, costing jobs. These criticisms are misguided. Imports not only provide competition that benefits consumers and drives our economy forward, they support millions of American jobs from port handling to after-market service. Join us as we try to put U.S. trade policy on the right path.

More About the Speakers

Edward Gresser
Director, ProgressiveEconomy Project, GlobalWorks Foundation

Daniel Ikenson
Director, Herbert A. Stiefel Center for Trade Policy Studies, Cato Institute

Derek Scissors
Senior Research Fellow in Asia Economics, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted By

Ambassador Terry Miller Ambassador Terry Miller

Director, Center for Data Analysis and the Center for Trade and Economics and Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom Read More