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Oct 16

Denmark: A Case Study in European Socialism - How It Works and Why You Don't Want It

Co-hosted by the Leadership Institute

Denmark has the highest total tax obligation in the world, towering far above the European average. It also has the smallest private sector in Europe, to support one of the biggest public sectors. Add to that a generous entitlement system allowing unemployed and unemployable citizens an income well above that achieved by full-time employees in the private sector in many European countries, and tax revenues nearly unmatched anywhere else in the world are required. While the majority of Danish politicians may intuitively understand this malady – many of them still view capitalists as an unpleasant necessity to generate the necessary revenues to fund a social welfare state and its myriad of responsibilities. They continue to spend more money, hire more public servants, regulate, supervise and monitor even the most insignificant activities. Sound at all familiar?

Lars Seier Christensen has received great recognition for developing Saxo Bank into one of the key players in the investment industry, both in Denmark and in the international marketplace. Over the years, Saxo Bank has received a multitude of international awards for its unique online trading platform, SaxoTrader, with which the bank has secured a major place in online investment trading. Mr. Christensen has not only a keen understanding of global capital markets, but also a unique perspective on the public policy challenges facing Denmark and other European states.

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Lars Seier Christensen
Founder and Co-CEO, Saxo Bank, Denmark

Introduction by
Morton Blackwell
President, The Leadership Institute

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