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Sep 26

President Obama and the United Nations: Advancing American Interests?

A book event co-hosted by The Hoover Institution

President Obama is scheduled to deliver his fourth address to the United Nations General Assembly on September 25. Since the first days of his presidency, his Administration has expressed a conviction that American interests are best advanced through a closer, more cooperative relationship with the United Nations. But Americans and non-Americans, allies and enemies, have wondered just what those terms mean as actual policy of the United States of America. How has America’s relationship with the U.N. changed over the past four years and have our nation, our citizens, and our national interests benefited from those changes?

In his new book, Living with the UN, Kenneth Anderson analyzes U.S.–U.N. relations in each major aspect of the United Nations' work – security, human rights and universal values, and development – and addresses the crucial question of whether, when, and how the United States should engage or not engage with the U.N. in its many different organs and activities. He offers principles for a relationship based on ideals and interests between the United States and the United Nations and provides guidance for long-term policy far beyond the current Administration’s tenure.

~ Complimentary copies of Living with the UN will be provided by The Hoover Institution. ~

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Kenneth Anderson
Professor of International Law, Washington College of Law, American University, and author of Living with the UN: American Responsibilities and International Order

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