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Sep 20

The U.S. Trade Agenda: Where Do We Go From Here?

Throughout his long and storied career on Capitol Hill, Representative David Dreier (R-CA) has remained a steadfast supporter of international free trade. He remained an advocate even in the face of anti-trade winds based on his understanding that international trade raises living standards, decreases poverty, and acts as a powerful incentive for countries to comply with the rule of law. A recipient of the Washington International Trade Association’s Distinguished Service Award, he has consistently fought for free trade policies that benefit Americans and give foreign populations access to American principles, values, and goods.

Currently in his 16th term, Representative Dreier ascended to Leadership as Chairman of the Rules Committee in January of 1999. As the Chairman of the Rules Committee he plays a pivotal role in fashioning all legislation for debate in the House. Please join us for a look back at the evolution of the trade agenda as well as a look into the crystal ball at what lies ahead for trade.

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The Honorable David Dreier (R-CA)
Chairman, House Rules Committee

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