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Sep 14

State Sovereignty and Federalism: The Unconstitutional Expansion of the National Government

The Framers of the Constitution designed a federal republic in which a central government with strictly limited powers was balanced by state governments with plenary powers. Although the post-Civil War Amendments limited state powers in some important respects (denying the power to discriminate on the basis of race), they did not alter the basic design of a limited national government. Unfortunately, through some further amendments (including the national income tax) and improper encroachments by the Congress and the courts, the past 100 years has seen an exponential growth in the size and power of the central government. Much of this growth invaded the sovereignty of state governments and imposed massive, uncompensated costs. Is federalism still alive in our modern republic? Is it healthy? Can the size and scope of the national government be brought back within constitutional limits? What can the states do to stop the invasive expansion of the central government into areas of traditional state control? Join us as our panel of state chief law enforcement officials illuminates these issues, moderated by the former chief law enforcement official of the United States under President Reagan.

The Honorable Sam Olens, Attorney General, State of Georgia
The Honorable Scott Pruitt, Attorney General, State of Oklahoma
The Honorable Luther Strange, Attorney General, State of Alabama
The Honorable Greg Zoeller, Attorney General, State of Indiana

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