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Sep 18

Exploring a Comprehensive Approach to Public Diplomacy

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Public Diplomacy is the process of government and individual outreach to citizens of other nations. As such, public diplomacy is an important tool in impacting the perceptions and view that others have of the United States. In a new report by Dr. Christopher Lamb and Fletcher Schoen, the authors describe the importance of a comprehensive public diplomacy effort that utilizes capabilities across the government.

Specifically, their report lays out an effective inter-agency approach to promoting U.S. security and image around the world. The report lays out the success of the Active Measures Working Group in combating the disinformation of the Soviet Union during the 1980s. The report comes to the conclusion: “In an increasingly connected age, America will need to protect its public reputation from those who would malign it to weaken our national security. Safeguarding the country’s reputation overseas is a whole-of-government endeavor requiring interagency coordination and collaboration.”

Join us to hear directly from the authors as they examine not only the importance of public diplomacy, but also how to utilize effectively the abilities of different parts of the U.S. government to further our national security.

More About the Speakers

Dr. Christopher Lamb
Distinguished Research Fellow, Center for Strategic Research, National Defense University \

Fletcher Schoen
Research Assistant, Center for Strategic Research, National Defense University

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