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Aug 15

The Price Every State Must Pay: The National Guard and Sequestration


Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has warned that it would be “disastrous” for Congress to allow sequestration to go forward come January. It is certainly clear that the $500 billion or more cuts made due to sequestration would hollow out the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps, but what about the National Guard. Cuts to the Army and Air National Guard will hurt every state in the union. Every governor will have fewer assets to call on in a disaster. Every state public safety or Homeland Security administrator will have less capability at his disposal when a crisis strikes. America will be less ready to respond – not just overseas, but in its own backyard.

This program will examine the effects of sequestration on the National Guard and its ability to protect the United States. Please join us as our distinguished panelists explore this pressing issue.

More About the Speakers

The Honorable Paul F. McHale
Former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense

Lt. Gen. H. Steven Blum (USA, Ret.)
Former Deputy Commander, United States Northern Command

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Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D. Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy Read More