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Aug 14

When the Next Catastrophe Strikes: Disaster Response and Defense Support to Civil Authorities


For many years, the Department of Defense has provided support to civil authorities in times of crisis and emergency. From Hurricane Katrina to the 2007 wildfires, the Department of Defense has historically had a very important role in supporting the civilian institutions that respond to natural disasters. During Katrina, for instance, 72,000 active-duty military, Reserve, and National Guard deployed to the Gulf Coast to assist in response and recovery within a matter of days. As in past disasters, these forces came to the aid of civilian authorities, providing the Department of Homeland Security and local leaders with assistance in terms of transportation and communication, medical personnel, search and rescue capabilities and so much more.

This program will examine both the historical role of the Department of Defense in providing support to civil authorities as well as the specific role DOD may play during domestic disaster response. Please join us as our distinguished panelists explore these pressing questions.

More About the Speakers

James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, The Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies and Director, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies, The Heritage Foundation

The Honorable Paul N. Stockton
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Homeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs, U.S. Department of Defense

Vice Admiral Harvey E. Johnson , Jr. (USCG, Ret.)
Vice President, BAE Systems; Former Deputy Administrator, Federal Emergency Management Agency; and Vice Admiral, U.S. Coast Guard (Ret.)

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Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D. Steven P. Bucci, Ph.D.

Visiting Fellow, Douglas and Sarah Allison Center for Foreign and National Security Policy Read More