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Jul 31

Marriage on the Ballot in 2012

Following North Carolina's overwhelmingly pro-marriage vote in May, several other states will consider measures related to the definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman. Voters in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota, and Washington will see marriage on the ballot come November - even as the legal battle over California's Proposition 8 appears headed to the U.S. Supreme Court. Will these voters follow the lead of the 32 states to date that have affirmed marriage? How does President Obama's announcement of his support for same-sex marriage affect the debate? What's at stake for the institution of marriage when Americans go to the polls in November?

More About the Speakers

Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.
President, High Impact Leadership Coalition

Brian Brown
President, National Organization for Marriage Education Fund

Teresa Collett
Professor of Law, University of St. Thomas (Minnesota)

William Duncan
Director, Marriage Law Foundation

Hosted by
Dominique Ludvigson
Research Fellow, DeVos Center for Religion and Civil Society, The Heritage Foundation