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Jul 26

Ensuring Election Integrity: The Need for Election Reform

Ensuring election integrity is a fundamental responsibility of government at all levels. The U.S. Constitution vests the primary responsibility for election integrity in state officials, but federal law supplements state law to ensure that only U.S. citizens vote in federal elections and to prevent vote dilution in any district by those who are not lawfully eligible to vote. With an increasingly mobile society and greater use of mail-in and early voting, it becomes harder for officials to prevent voter fraud and guarantee a fair election. Join us as a distinguished panel of experts discusses current efforts to reform our election process and the impediments being encountered by those who are trying to protect our democracy.

More About the Speakers

Catherine Engelbrecht
Founder, True the Vote The Honorable

The Honorable Artur Davis
Former Congressman, 7th District of Alabama

The Honorable Alan Wilson
Attorney General, State of South Carolina

The Honorable Scott Gessler
Secretary of State, State of Colorado

The Honorable Kris Kobach
Secretary of State, State of Kansas 

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Todd F. Gaziano Todd F. Gaziano

Director, Center for Legal & Judicial Studies Read More