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Jun 15

Political Woman: The Big Little Life of Jeane Kirkpatrick

Jeane Kirkpatrick became an iconic figure in the 1980s as Ronald Reagan’s United Nations Ambassador and the most forceful presence in the Administration, outside of the President himself, in shaping the Reagan Doctrine and fighting the Cold War to a victorious conclusion. In Political Woman, the first and only biography of Jeane Kirkpatrick, Peter Collier traces the complex interlock between Kirkpatrick's personal and professional lives using her as yet unarchived private papers and extensive interviews with her and her family as well as dozens of friends and associates.

Filled with character and anecdote, the portrait that emerges is one of an ambitious woman from the epicenter of Middle America determined to break through the multi-dimensional glass ceilings of her time and place. She began her career in the post war period as an academic focusing on the subject of totalitarianism, rose to be a leading professor at Georgetown University, and became an important Democratic Party activist – ultimately leading a group of democratic liberals who felt homeless in the "Blame America First" Party into the Reagan Administration.

Peter Collier was the Founding Editor of Encounter Books and currently acts as a consultant. Over the last thirty years, he has written novels, short stories and screenplays, along with best selling biographies. Referred to in the New York Times as “America’s premier biographer of dynastic tragedy,” he is best known for The Rockefellers: An American Dynasty; The Kennedys: An American Dream; The Fords: An American Epic; and Destructive Generation (all with David Horowitz). Other books include Medal of Honor: Portraits of Valor Beyond the Call of Duty and The Anti-Chomsky Reader, co-edited with David Horowitz.

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