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Jun 20

Pakistani Media and Views on Foreign Policy, Terrorism, Religion, and Society

Pakistan has developed a vibrant and free-wheeling media in the last decade with private broadcast news stations flourishing and print and electronic media remaining important sources of information for many Pakistanis. Yet Pakistani journalists continue to face pressure both from the authorities and militant groups when reporting on terrorism and its impact on the country and its foreign policy. Earlier this month UNESCO Chief Irina Bokova said the number of journalists being killed in Pakistan has reached an alarming rate and called on Pakistani authorities to carry out full and impartial investigations into the matter.

Join us for an in-depth discussion on the challenges Pakistani journalists face reporting on terrorism, foreign policy, and issues related to religion and society and how freedom of the press can be preserved as a cornerstone of democratic development in Pakistan

More About the Speakers

Daud Khattak
Senior Editor, Radio Meshaal

Bilal Lakhani
Executive Director, Express Media Group

Muhammad Ziauddin
Executive Editor The Express Tribune

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Lisa Curtis Lisa Curtis

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