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Jun 13

Export Control Reform: What's Next

Our present system of export controls is hampering our trade, our defense industrial base, and our national security. The right kind of modernization will permit our companies to compete globally on equal footing, create jobs at home, strengthen ours and our allies’ defense capability, and preserve tight control of sensitive technology. The catch is that such an effort will require industry, Congress, and multiple branches of the executive branch to cooperate effectively, which they have not been able to do in this area for some time. Join us as we discuss how to make export controls work better.

More About the Speakers

Patricia Cooper
President, Satellite Industry Association

Remy Nathan
Vice-President for International Affairs, Aerospace Industry Association

William Reinsch
President, National Foreign Trade Council

Baker Spring
F.M. Kirby Research Fellow in National Security Policy, The Heritage Foundation

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Derek Scissors, Ph.D. Derek Scissors, Ph.D.

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