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Apr 19

The Occupy Movement: A Post-Mortem?

The protest movement that began as “Occupy Wall Street” has galvanized the left, infusing class resentment and anti-market ideology into the rhetoric of American liberalism. Emboldened by the protests, mainstream political figures have attempted to push the national political debate away from the size and scope of government, and toward a lament on income inequality that, while noble in intent, tends to lead to vapid and destructive policies.

Seven months after protesters gathered in Zuccotti Park in lower Manhattan, “Occupy” is fizzling out. Its message, however, will likely endure among activists and politicians looking to leverage this sound-bite populism to advance an agenda antithetical to the American idea, and destructive to the nation’s future freedom and prosperity. Conservatives must learn both how to counter that message, and how to do a better job at reaching out to the disaffected youth that comprised the vast majority of Occupiers.

Join us for a discussion of the protests, their impact going forward, and the lessons conservatives can learn.

More About the Speakers

Benjamin Domenech
Research Fellow, The Heartland Institute

Anne Sorock
President, The Frontier Lab

Eric Teetsel
Program Manager, Project on Values and Capitalism, American Enterprise Institute

Lachlan Markay
Investigative Reporter, Center for Media and Public Policy, The Heritage Foundation

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