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Apr 20

Conservative Women's Network - Anita Folsom

Anita Folsom

Anita Folsom has pursued a career that includes experience in both education and politics.

She worked in the 1984 campaigns of President Ronald Reagan and senate candidate Mitch McConnell. After McConnell’s election to the U.S. Senate, she set up his western Kentucky field office and worked on his staff for two years.

Anita served in the Electoral College in 1988. She has two degrees in history and has also taught courses in American history, most recently at Hillsdale College. She has directed Hillsdale College’s Free Market Forum since 2006. The Free Market Forum works with college professors and state policy leaders across the United States and Canada to provide teachers with more information about free markets and why they are so important.

Anita has written for the Wall Street Journal, the Detroit News, Continuity: A Journal of History, American Spectator, Human Events, and other publications. Her television appearances include interviews by Glenn Beck and Neil Cavuto, and she and her husband have appeared on Book TV, Reason TV, and the Biography Channel. She has also been featured on radio with Rusty Humphries, Hugh Hewitt, Frank Beckmann, and many others.

She is the co-author of FDR Goes to War with her husband, Burton Folsom, Jr, (published by Simon & Schuster in 2011). This text explores the growth of government, loss of personal freedom, and impact of FDR’s policies before and during World War II, even while ordinary Americans met the challenges of fighting a two-ocean war. Her research interests include both diplomatic and military history during the 1930s and 1940s, as well as the social impact of government policy on the U.S. during those decades.

Anita and her husband Burt have one son, Adam, who is a financial analyst in Atlanta, Georgia. Burt and Anita write for their blog at BurtFolsom.com.

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