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Apr 18

Choice: The Conservative Alternative to the Liberal Nanny State

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Choice is a theme that runs through many conservative, free-market policy proposals. The old-school, statist approach of promoting personal security through entitlements is bankrupting the country, promoting dependence on government programs, and undermining self-government. Conservatives value personal security, of course, but we believe that it cannot and should not be achieved at the expense of freedom. Indeed freedom, or choice, not statist dependency, is the better way to promote it.

For freedom to survive and America to be economically viable, the conservative movement must put forth choice-based policy alternatives to reverse the inexorable growth of the federal leviathan. Thus, a current Spectator project is our symposium on Choice toward Personal Security. Come hear how conservatives can take back the language and power of Choice in public policy.

More About the Speakers

The Honorable Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Chairman, House Budget Committee


Steve Moore
Editorial Board Member and Senior Economics Writer, Wall Street Journal, and American Spectator contributor

Moderated by
R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.
Founder and Editor in Chief of The American Spectator