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Apr 26

Lessons from Homeland Security Regulatory Regimes: CFATS and Cybersecurity

The specter of cyber espionage and cyber warfare continues to grow everyday as sensitive information is stolen and critical systems are attacked, both in government and the private sector. Though Congress is aware of the problem, it is not yet evident if can it can overcome several key sticking points.

One of these sticking points is whether or not homeland security regulations should be used to force critical industries to protect against cyber threats. Though it is an admirable goal to secure important private companies against incoming attacks, the regulation solution has difficulties of its own as evidenced by other similar regulations such as the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorists Standards.

Join us as our panelists speak on the lessons we’ve learned from CFATS regulations and whether or not it makes sense, at this point, to move forward with a similar regulatory regime for cybersecurity.

More About the Speakers

Jamie Conrad
Founder, Conrad Law & Policy Counsel

R. Peter Weaver
Director, Regulatory Compliance and Safety, International Liquid Terminals Association

Paul Rosenzweig
Visiting Fellow, The Heritage Foundation

Hosted by
Steve Bucci, Ph.D.
Senior Research Fellow, Defense and Homeland Security, The Heritage Foundation