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Mar 14

The People's Money: How Voters Will Balance the Budget and Eliminate the Federal Debt

When it comes to the economy, American voters can no longer count on the Political Class. For years, candidates have been elected who promised to reduce spending; yet spending has steadily increased for more than half a century. For just as long, politicians have blamed voters, claiming a lack of public support for necessary cuts. Evidence suggests, however, that voters are far more willing than politicians to make the compromises to eliminate this massive burden from future generations. Political analyst Scott Rasmussen argues that our politicians are intentionally perpetuating a flat-out lie about their short-sighted and destructive economic choices and our hard-earned money. Drawing on a comprehensive review of history, revelatory budgetary documents, and enlightening public opinion polls, Rasmussen lays out a step-by-step budget that could wipe out trillions from the national debt. In The People’s Money, he explores clear-headed, responsible, and reasonable ways to eliminate a deficit that is much larger than politicians would have us believe – $123 trillion and counting – all with the vast support of the American people.

Scott Rasmussen is one of the most recognized and respected public opinion pollsters in the United States today. As Founder and President of Rasmussen Reports, he is a political analyst, television commentator, author, and a regular on the speaking circuit.

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