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Mar 28

Freeing States from Washington's Overreach: A Roadmap for Customizing Education

Education reform discussions – particularly the future of No Child Left Behind – have reached a fever pitch on Capitol Hill. And for good reason: after nearly half a century of growing federal involvement, added bureaucracy, and increasing micromanagement of local schools, educational outcomes have failed to improve.

The State of Idaho has taken a different path. In the words of Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna, the Gem State “chose to act, instead of be acted upon.” After four and a half decades of federal involvement failure, Idaho is demonstrating that major progress can be made at the state and local level. Secretary Luna’s “Students Come First” plan eliminated tenure, ended archaic last-in, first-out policies, implemented statewide pay for performance, and added a heavy dose of online learning. Some of the most comprehensive education reforms in the nation have been implemented in Idaho.

Such state innovation guides the conservative alternative to No Child Left Behind – the Academic Partnerships Lead Us to Success (A-PLUS) proposal. Sponsored by Utah Representative Rob Bishop, A-PLUS would allow states to opt-out of the many programs under No Child Left Behind and direct dollars and decision-making in a way that would best meet student needs – as determined by the states, the schools, and their parents.

Join us as our guests share their vision for freeing states from Washington’s education overreach.

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The Honorable Rob Bishop (R-UT)
Member, United States House of Representatives

Tom Luna
Idaho Superintendent of Public Instruction

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