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Feb 13

Obamacare Tramples on Religious Liberty: Why We Shouldn’t Be Surprised

Long before President Obama’s recent decision to require religious-affiliated organizations to include coverage for abortion-inducing drugs and contraception in employee health plans, Senator Roy Blunt anticipated and tried to prevent this problem.  In August 2011, he introduced S.1467, now with 31 cosponsors, to protect religious organizations from the inevitable overreach of the Affordable Care Act.  Even as recently as Thursday, February 9, the Senator took to the Senate floor to offer an amendment to block the Administration’s action and is determined that this affront will not stand.  Come hear the Senator talk about how – beyond the individual mandate – the President’s health care law continues to lead to unparalleled intrusion into decisions that have been left to individuals, businesses, and states, based on rights which, heretofore, have been protected by the U.S. Constitution. 

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The Honorable Roy Blunt (R-MO)
United States Senator, Vice Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference

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