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Feb 08

The Liberty Intrigue


An interesting thing happened during the production of Tom Grace’s sixth novel, The Liberty Intrigue. Two very talented and experienced freelance editors turned down the opportunity to work on the book. Both thought this novel was engaging, well-written, and timely, but both declined due to the same pre-existing condition: liberalism. The idea of a likable conservative protagonist was too great a leap of imagination, even in a work of fiction. Even though his previous five novels were published by major imprints, he still ran into a wall of cultural bias in the media.

Join us as internationally bestselling author Tom Grace explores his newest work and reflects on the ongoing challenge conservative novelists face with the publishing establishment and how to confront it in today’s culture wars.

Tom Grace previously authored The Secret Cardinal, Bird of Prey, Twisted Web, Quantum, and Spyder Web. His books have been translated into several languages, pirated, and even placed in the library at the South Pole. To learn more about Tom Grace, visit www.tomgrace.net.

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