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Feb 14

2012 Index of Economic Freedom: Promoting Economic Opportunity and Prosperity

The 2012 Index of Economic Freedom (www.heritage.org/index) was released on January 12, 2012. Like its predecessor, the 2012 Index provides ample evidence of dynamic gains from greater economic freedom, both for individuals and for societies. With global economic recovery is far from certain, the imperative for advancing economic freedom to revitalize vibrant entrepreneurial growth is stronger than ever.

Over the past 18 years, the Index has become an essential resource for investors, policymakers, academics, and others who want to delve into the undeniable link between economic freedom and long-term prosperity. This year, in an effort to enhance analytical understanding and clarity, the 2012 Index has been comprehensively redesigned in both style and presentation.

Join us as the chief author of the Index, Ambassador Terry Miller, presents key findings of the 2012 Index of Economic Freedom and leads a discussion on what we can learn from the reform experiences of various countries in these trying times.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Terry Miller
The Mark A. Kolokotrones Fellow in Economic Freedom and Director, Center for International Trade and Economics, The Heritage Foundation

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John Edward Hilboldt John Edward Hilboldt

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