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Jan 25

Feasibility of Metrics in Public Diplomacy: Why and What

Public diplomacy success is not easily quantifiable. For instance, even when U.S. popularity ratings run high among foreigners, it is far from certain that this translates into support for United States policy by other governments. Opinion polls are crude measurements, influenced by numerous factors. Yet, in an era of fiscal constraint, it is more important than ever to develop good metrics for evaluating the success of U.S. public diplomacy programs. Knowing what works and what doesn’t in the field of public diplomacy will improve communication with audiences around the world and maximize the way dollars are being spent. Good metrics would offer guidance and justification as well as diagnostics. Join us as our speaker examines the range of factors that should be included in good metrics to guide U.S. public diplomacy and explores other aspects of this important concept.

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Amy Zalman
Senior Researcher, Cultural and Language Enabled Analysis Division, Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)

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Helle C. Dale Helle C. Dale

Senior Fellow for Public Diplomacy Read More