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Jan 11

After New START: Next Round?

Almost one year after the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New START) entered into force, the Obama Administration is bound to pursue negotiations about a treaty reducing Russia’s tactical nuclear weapons by the Senate’s resolution of ratification to New START and presidential certification by February. The Treaty has not made any substantial contributions to the U.S. national security and is the first arms control treaty in the history under which one of the parties actually increased numbers of its accountable nuclear warheads. Meanwhile, Congress continues to cut resources for U.S. nuclear modernization. What are the prospects for the future arms control treaty with the Russian Federation and what leverage can the United States use in addressing Russia’s manifold advantages in tactical nuclear weapons?

Join us as our panelists address these issues as well as the question of missile defense and its place in this next round of negotiations, potential Russian demands, and an appropriate U.S. response to them.

More About the Speakers

Ambassador Henry Cooper
Former Director, Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO), George H.W. Bush Administration

Mark Schneider
Senior Analyst, National Institute for Public Policy

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