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Nov 17

Eco-Fads: How the Rise of Trendy Environmentalism Is Harming the Environment

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Green buildings, biofuels, electric cars, compact fluorescent light bulbs and a variety of other technologies are touted as the next key step in protecting the environment and promoting a sustainable future. Increasingly, however, scientific and economic information regarding environmental problems takes a back seat to the social and personal value of being seen and perceived as “green.” As environmental consciousness has become socially popular, eco-fads supplant objective data. Politicians pick the latest environmental agenda in the same way we choose the fall fashions – looking for what will yield the largest benefit with our public and social circles. In Eco-Fads, Todd Myers examines the pressures that cause politicians, businesses, the media and even scientists to fall for trendy environmental fads – and why we, too, fall for such fads, even when we should know better. He then outlines how we can begin to get back on track, creating a prosperous and sustainable legacy for our planet’s future.

Todd Myers is a tireless, courageous advocate for sanity, rationality and truth in the environmental debate. Eco-Fads is a must read for anyone who cares about the environment and, most importantly, that part of the environment so often ignored by environmentalists – humanity
        – Ann McElhinney, Journalist and Producer of Mine Your Own Business and Not Evil Just Wrong: The True Cost of Global Warming Hysteria

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Todd Myers
Author, and Director, Center for the Environment, Washington Policy Center

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