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Nov 16

Central America's Ambassadors Speak: Next Steps Toward Central American Security

This video is no longer available online.

In El Salvador in March 2011, President Obama committed the United States to augmenting its support for regional security aimed at combating transnational crime, drug-trafficking and gang violence. Secretary of State Clinton in June 2011 in Guatemala offered U.S. assistance and pledged to work closely with the Central Americans “on a regional basis” to “defeat the criminality and violence” that render its citizens insecure. Addressing the growing security challenges in Central America – increasingly a zone of transit and a safe haven for criminal organizations – has become a central theme for U.S. regional diplomacy and assistance. In order to make progress, the nations of the region have pledged to strengthen cooperation in the fight against a common enemy. Join us as Central American Ambassadors to the United States highlight national and regional security efforts and outline future needs and strategies for 2012 and beyond.

More About the Speakers

H.E. Muni Figueres Boggs
Ambassador to the United States, Republic of Costa Rica

H.E. Francisco R. Altschul Fuentes
Ambassador to the United States, Republic of El Salvador

H.E. Jorge Ramón Hernández Alcerro
Ambassador to the United States, Republic of Honduras

H.E. Francisco Obadiah Campbell Hooker
Ambassador to the United States, Republic of Nicaragua

Co-Hosted by
Ray Walser, Ph.D.
Senior Policy Analyst, Latin America, The Heritage Foundation

Richard D. Downie, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies