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Oct 26

Saving the American Idea: Rejecting Fear, Envy and the Politics of Division

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The American commitment to equality of opportunity, economic liberty, and upward mobility, is not tried in days of prosperity. Instead, it is tested when times are tough – when fear and envy are used to divide Americans and further the interests of politicians and their cronies. In this major address at The Heritage Foundation, Congressman Paul Ryan will dissect the real class warfare – a class of governing elites, exploiting the politics of division to pick winners and losers in our economy and determine our destinies for us. In his remarks, Congressman Ryan will outline a principled, pro-growth alternative to this path of debt, doubt and decline.

Congressman Ryan represents Wisconsin’s First Congressional District and serves as Chairman of the House Budget Committee.

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The Honorable Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Chairman, House Budget Committee

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