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Sep 28

Supreme Court Preview: 2011 Term

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Just days before the High Court’s 2011 Term begins, The Heritage Foundation will preview the likely blockbuster cases, with Supreme Court luminaries Paul Clement and Kannon Shanmugam. The Eleventh Circuit’s recent ruling striking down the individual mandate in ObamaCare, which Paul Clement won for 26 states, makes it almost certain the Supreme Court will hear the case. Will the government be able to delay the final decision until after the 2012 election? How will the Justices respond to the latest racial preference cases from the Fifth and Sixth Circuits: Will they overrule Grutter v. Bollinger or kick the can down the road for another 25 years? How will United States v. Jones (the GPS tracking device case) and Florence v. Board of Freeholders (the prisoner strip search case) change Fourth Amendment protections? Will the High Court uphold the Arizona immigration law or strike it down?

Paul Clement has argued over 50 cases before the Supreme Court, including high profile cases like McConnell v. FEC, Gonzales v. Raich, and Gonzales v. Carhart. Since returning to private practice, Clement has taken up significant cases headed to the High Court, such as the ObamaCare suit in the Eleventh Circuit and Congress’s defense of DOMA in the First Circuit. Kannon Shanmugam was an Assistant to the Solicitor General and has also argued a number of cases before the Court, including Hawaii v. Office of Hawaiian Affairs and Merck & Co. v. Reynolds. He’s been named as one of Washington’s “Top 40 [lawyers] Under 40” by National Law Journal and The Washingtonian. Join us as these distinguished experts discuss what is likely to unfold in the next Supreme Court term.

More About the Speakers

Paul Clement
Former United States Solicitor General and Partner, Bancroft PLLC

Kannon Shanmugam
Former Assistant to the U.S. Solicitor General and Partner, Williams & Connolly LLP

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